I help women repair their relationship with food and their body in order to nourish themselves with grace.

Hey there. I am so glad you’ve landed here and it’s my hope that you will read my words and let them land. And as you do so, consider this: who would you be, how would you show up in your day and your efforts if you experienced a shift like the one I describe? Where might you be a year, 5 years, or 10 years from now? Might you still be spinning your wheels? OR, might you have experienced exponential growth?

I see a lot of women stuck in diet mode – researching the next thing to try in order to get them to the size they long to be. I also see women stuck in elimination diet mode – researching the next diet that will help them find relief to their symptoms. Can you relate? Regardless of your starting point, you have likely reached an unhealthy place – one that is unsustainable and marked by frustration with your body. One that has left you feeling exasperated. And that, I imagine, is why you are here.

What if you could move forward from a new place? A place in which you value your body, as it is, and trust your ability to nourish it with intention? Can you imagine creating the unshakeable belief in who you are, in your abilities, and in who you are becoming? When you slow down, learn to nourish, and use this journey to uncover your deeper desires, oh girl, watch out. You will experience shifts and accomplish things you never thought possible. I believe, for the women who cross my path, this journey begins by examining food – how they use it, their relationship with it, and their beliefs about it.

Are you ready to join this nourishing revolution?


“Before working together, I felt tired and overwhelmed all of the time. I didn’t have the energy to live the life that I wanted. I knew that I needed to make changes but I didn’t really know where to even start. I’ve learned what kinds of foods to focus on and how to build meals out of those. I’ve learned tricks to make meal prep/planning simpler. This has made cooking much less overwhelming. Outside of food, I’ve learned how to incorporate more movement and meditation into my daily routine. I’ve also learned how to minimize time on my phone and social media. All of these things have lead to way more energy, better sleep, less stress, and helped improve my relationships with family and friends. When I started this program, I couldn’t remember a time when I felt good. Now it’s hard to remember how I ever felt so badly. I have the energy to live my life! I know how to set goals and work towards them to continue making even more improvements than I already have. If someone was considering working with you, I would tell them, don’t hesitate and don’t wait for a “good” time. Do it! It’s beyond worth it!” — Rachel G.

“Michele is thorough, and effective while being gentle. She really does make change feel manageable, and there is no pressure for overwhelming change. Just a helping hand to take the next step towards where you want to be.” — Sharlin W.

“I was struggling with binge and emotional eating. I was eating junk food every day. I had knee pain and had a hard time going up the stairs because of it. I could not control my eating habits.I have learned a lot – how to cook new meals and incorporate new foods into my diet. I learned how to listen to my hunger cues to know I was actually hungry and not just bored. I have dropped 2 pant sizes and went down a shirt size too. I feel better physically, no more knee pain and I have more energy and all around feel better! I am able to workout better. I am able to try new foods. I am able to live a healthy life and take care of myself. This was so worth it, and it was the best decision I have made! It changed my life for the better!” — Claire B.