Whatever brought you here—be it a desire for weight loss, a need to better understand and experience freedom from the control of aggravating symptoms, or perhaps just a curiosity regarding how to live a more nourished lifestyle—I’m encouraged that you are seeking a better way.

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Health is so much more than the absence of disease. It is “the ability to live your dreams”

– Moshé Feldenkrais

What does optimal health look like for you? Rest assured that you do not have to surrender to a state of general physical dis-ease.

In other words, this lack of ease within the body; this presence of mounting symptoms, does not have to be your new normal. The functional medicine approach allows for the creation of health. It sees the body as a whole and uses clues from your health journey to uncover the root cause.

A functional approach to nutrition and health coaching digs into your health history to uncover precipitating factors and triggers, all the while considering current lifestyle behaviors that may be fueling your dis-ease. It then uses this information to develop a targeted and sustainable approach to health creation in you.

Do you experience any of these symptoms on a regular basis?

Lack of energy
Abdominal pain
Joint pain
Brain fog
Frequent illness
Mood swings
Food cravings

These symptoms are markers that clue us into the fact that something deeper needs to be addressed. Understanding this and connecting the dots is the foundation of the functional approach. It allows us to be proactive rather than reactive in regards to health. It allows us to revive our health.

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