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Do you struggle with any life-stealing symptoms including digestive distress, extreme fatigue, weight gain, or an overwhelming feeling of being controlled by food cravings?

It’s time to take back your health. Learn how it feels to live life to the full with my sustainable approach that integrates both nutrition and lifestyle.

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You are run down with little energy to take care of yourself.

You have a ton of responsibilities to juggle – job, school, family, home, hobbies, and the list goes on. These are good, life-giving things but they are taking priority over caring for yourself. So many things compete for your attention that you find it near impossible to make and stick to any plan.

You are uncomfortable in your clothes; you turn to food in order to find your escape.

When you don’t know how to feed your soul, it’s common to lean on food to provide comfort. But when guilt creeps in, the cycle begins again. You then find yourself being controlled by your cravings as your clothes continue to get tighter.

You are frustrated by the conflicting information as to what constitutes a healthy diet or what diet will get you to where you want to be.

Digging through all the information and using trial and error to determine what is best for you is daunting and a drain on time and financial resources. You are sick of going through the pain and frustration of building up your excitement for the next best thing only to be disappointed when you don’t see the results you want.

You experience digestive symptoms that prevent you from living freely and being present in the moment.

You find that you need to say no to social gatherings because you are unsure of how your stomach will feel. Constant feelings of digestive upset are stealing your attention and causing you to focus inward instead of on the beauty that surrounds you in your relationships.

Heard it girl and it’s not your fault. There is a lot of conflicting information out there. Of course you don’t have the time to sort through it all much less dig into the science behind each diet.

Sticking to a plan that feels restricting is bound to fail. It’s not about willpower or simply trying harder. It’s about intentionally setting up your environment so that you are able to seamlessly incorporate better choices into your routine. It’s about understanding your particular needs, learning how to nourish yourself accordingly, and finding joy in the process.

There is a way out of the downward spiral you are in, and it starts with reaching out in confidence that there is a better way and with the belief that you are worth it.

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