You want to feel better—to wake up energized and ready to attack the day. You want to put on your clothes and love the way you feel. You want to experience freedom from cravings and reliance on snacks for an energy boost. You want to nourish your body. What are you waiting for? Take back your health today!

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As a result of our work, my clients:

  • Lose unwanted weight and get to revamp their wardrobe

  • Improve their sleep and experience more sustained energy throughout the day

  • Experience less cravings

  • Find enjoyment in eating new foods and broadening their diet

  • Are able to listen to their hunger cues so they stop eating out of boredom

  • Gain energy and have an improved overall sense of well-being

  • Understand how much exercise they truly need

  • Are empowered to overcome setbacks before they get out of control

When we partner, I commit to:

  • Hold you accountable through goal tracking and ongoing review of food and activity journals

  • Encourage and refocus you through weekly check-in’s

  • Provide food as medicine expertise

  • Work with you to map out personalized behavior change strategies

  • Maintain a supportive relationship by allowing the space for you to be heard

  • Be readily available when questions arise

Transformations package

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Say yes to taking back your health! With the Transformations package, you will learn how to lay a nourishing health foundation and build chronic disease resilience. You will create an awareness as to how your current food and lifestyle choices are affecting you, learn what changes to make, and how to confidently set up a step-wise strategy that helps you reach your beautiful vision of health.

Heal & Transform package

optional MRT food sensitivity testing

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For those dealing with symptoms that interfere with daily living (i.e. digestive distress that interferes with your social life, intense aches and pains, debilitating fatigue), the Heal and Transform package takes your healing to the next level. The focus is on gut restoration in order to transform your health and find fast relief from aggravating symptoms. After this initial healing phase, you are led through a process to find the best and broadest diet approach for you. You gain an understanding and appreciation for how proper food and lifestyle choices will enhance your health moving forward as well as the confidence to make choices that nourish your body and soul.

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