I am a wife, mom, friend, daughter, sister. I love learning, eating good food, conversations with dear friends, watching my kids be kids, being in nature, and getting lost in a good book. I am a work in progress. I slip up, overthink things, and forget the big picture. But, I receive grace and aim to grow daily. I find life and energy from coaching others and guiding them towards their full health potential.

I am a registered dietitian and certified LEAP therapist. I began my career as a certified personal trainer and quickly discovered that leading people through workouts and briefly discussing diet with them wasn’t enough to lead them to a truly nourished lifestyle. More than a workout, I found people needed health education, practical tips, accountability, and constant connection in order to be successful in any area of health behavior change. It was then that I realized my role as a nutrition and health coach

Once diagnosed with PCOS, and later Hashimotos Thyroiditis, my appreciation and interest in a more integrative and functional approach to health grew. In an effort to better understand the use of food as medicine, I decided to earn my certificate in integrative and functional medical nutrition therapy. Through wise food choices and intentional lifestyle habits, I have learned how to manage my conditions and live what I consider to be a well nourished life. Though passionate about all aspects of health, my specific areas of interest include autoimmune disorders, infertility, optimizing gut health, and nourishing the mind-body connection.

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